It is our pleasure to welcome you to Mitochondria & Metabolism 2012 at Jefferson, a symposium to be held June 14-16, 2012, at the campus of Thomas Jefferson University, located in the middle of vibrant Center City Philadelphia. This conference salutes the career of Professor Jan Hoek on the occasion of his 70th birthday. We will bring together several leaders of the mitochondrial research field whose careers have intertwined with Jan’s career for a cheerful celebration and stimulating science. As those of you who have attended our monthly MitoCircle meetings know, intense discussion is a defining characteristic of those gatherings. This symposium will surely continue in that tradition.

We have planned a small-scale meeting, with attendance limited to 150 (including 30 speakers), as well as poster sessions in addition to the oral presentations. These poster sessions provide a particularly rich opportunity for interactions with peers, and we strongly encourage trainees to participate. Lively exchanges will continue during the evening reception that will follow the first day’s sessions.

We look forward to meeting you in June for a stimulating gathering that explores exciting advancements in mitochondrial biology and their links to disease mechanism.

Best regards,

Gyorgy Hajnoczky and Erin Seifert

For information regarding this event, contact us:
gyorgy.hajnoczky@jefferson.edu, erin.seifert@jefferson.edu